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Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions with Passion

La nostra Storia​

Nestled in the heart of Den Haag is “Da Mister Toni,” a renowned Italian restaurant with a rich culinary history. Meet Toni, the man behind the magic, whose journey began in Salerno, Italy, over 40 years ago.

Toni’s passion for Italian cuisine led him to Den Haag, where he spent 13 years perfecting his craft at Ristorante Roma. In 2003, he opened “Da Toni” on PinsesStraat, a local favorite known for its authentic Italian flavors.

In 2016, Toni elevated his culinary legacy with “Da Mister Toni.” Here, he shares a piece of his Italian heritage through every meticulously crafted dish. It’s a place where you can taste Salerno’s essence, experience genuine Italian hospitality, and savor the artistry of Da Mister Toni.

Coasy and Comfortable

Our trattoria is designed to give you a coazy and warm feeling, creating a great spot for you and your loved ones to spend an unforgettable time

Great place for a siesta

Feel at home and find your atmosphere.

Live Music and great people

Very often we invite local and international artists to delight us with their talents

Our Specialties

Indulge in the rich flavors and traditional recipes of Italy, meticulously prepared by our skilled chefs in a warm and inviting atmosphere

Antipasto Misto
Chef’s plateau with a variety of Italian bites
18.50​ p.p.
Verdure Fritte
Crispy Fried Vegetables

Meet The Team Of

Da Mister Toni

The Two-Man Show: Meet Mark Gauci and Toni de Benedictis, two culinary masters dedicated to inspiring you with authentic Mediterranean flavors. Mark hails from Malta and is a seasoned chef with expertise in multiple cuisines. He has worked for numerous renowned establishments in The Hague before deciding to join forces with Toni and become co-owner of Da Mister Toni. Toni, a seasoned veteran in Italian cuisine, has served as the head chef at many prestigious restaurants throughout his career. The duo is always ready for a laugh and a glass of wine in good company, so don’t be shy—come and savor our authentic flavors!